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Scalable and agile solution for lease management

01 June, 2018

Columbus Leasing is specialized ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for leasing companies, which enables to manage every aspect of the main lease/loan processes, starting with quotation, up to expiration of leasing/loan contract.

Leasing and loan process management has always centred on multiple systems to manage schedule calculation, contracts and accounting. Companies are often at possible risk when sales and finance departments are operating on different versions of contracts and schedules. Lack of traceability and data being scattered everywhere could potentially impact the contract monitoring and profitability.

Current Leasing and Loan Process Management Challenges

  • Margins become very thin due to increased competition. This forces leasing organizations precisely evaluate deals and increase performance efficiency.
  • Changing business environment creates a need to move quickly and optimize processes.
  • Increasing regulatory burden forces to be certain that any process changes are compliant with regulatory concerns.
  • Operational efficiency – the critical question is “how to do more with the same amount of staff”.
  • Increasing Customer demand for greater flexibility and convenience forces finance companies to find innovative ways to fill it.

Optimize your leasing business

You can now manage schedule calculation, contracts and accounting with a comprehensive leasing management solution. You can also drive profitability by mitigating leasing and loan process management risks.

ROI, proven by our customers’ real experience:

  • Up to 60% increased overall performance efficiency
  • Up to 3 times decreased time for document preparation
  • Up to 3 times more contracts managed by one employee
  • Up to 60% less time for reports preparation

Other business benefits:

  • Opens more sales growth opportunities through solution’s adjustment to various types of leasing services and flexible architecture, as well as possibilities to expand products’ portfolio.
  • Makes business more stable and easy to forecast through efficient and flexible control tools and mechanisms (cash flow, revenue covering, debtors’ management etc.).
  • Enables to make better business decisions due to operative and accurate real-time information, logical data structure, and clearly defined processes.


Columbus Leasing is a great solution that fully covers and optimizes both – leasing and back office – processes: contracts’ management, purchase management, monthly invoicing, coverage of receivables, reporting, etc. It is built on Microsoft technology (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) and comes with lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through system’s strong integration with other Microsoft products and technologies.

Why Columbus?

Columbus is a 5X Microsoft global partner of the year and is a vendor of choice when it comes to ERP and digital transformation implementations for over 4200 customers worldwide.