Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Product update

22 March, 2018
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Product update

Two weeks before first wave of general release, Marko Perisic, Microsoft General Manager for D365BC (Dynamics 365 Business Central), hosted an update of D365BC to partners.

The presentation opened with a thank you to the partners who have supported the 31-year heritage of Dynamics NAV and support for the continued journey into D365BC. He also confirmed that D365BC has full NAV functionality.

The future of NAV

It is expected that the Dynamics 365 branding will also apply to the next release of NAV which is expected in the autumn and have options on premise/hosted options. The code base remains the same.


Cloud vs on premise

Microsoft is a cloud-first company and they are keen to emphasise that they are not a cloud-only company.

Microsoft have recognised that just as many customers want a true SaaS Microsoft option as need an on premise solution. Therefore, D365BC offers SMBs three options: full SaaS, edge processing and on premise.

Features and functionality









The digital feedback loop

The “digital feedback loop” describes the interaction between data collated through people (employees), customers and products. D365BC is positioned to enable companies to leverage the interactions between these sources of data. Common Data Services is also an important factor in this.


D365BC is firmly a member of the Dynamics 365 family! It interacts with other D365 apps (Sales, Marketing, Service etc), Office and Power Suite (PowerBI, Power Apps and Flow), allowing you to use what you need but also expand the application when the time is right.


D365BC Cloud is flexible and can be extended through apps and developments that use 

standard tools, e.g. VisualStudio. This is a move away from the old NAV proprietary language.

Getting personal

D365BC Cloud supports and promotes user personalisation. The interface boasts easy personalisation and adaptable “real estate” (screen space to highlight key specific information).

D365BC also works seamlessly with the Outlook client, giving you more visibility and traceability.


There are two key types of user, think “full” and “limited”.

There are two further options for a “full” user depending on the scope of functionality required; one option for limited, the team user.

Pricing and licensing

Pricing does include online services and hosting.

D365BC is licensed through CSPs (Cloud Solution Providers). Non-CSP partners will need to work with a third party to licence.

Columbus is a CSP and so can manage all aspects of licensing and your Microsoft relationship directly. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your future with D365BC.

The release

As we near the release date of 2nd April 2018, Marko Perisic was keen to stress the on-going tweaks to D365BC despite that this is not a new product in the true sense as it uses NAV functionality, which is well proven in over 160,000 companies worldwide.

The tweaks are all around improving usability, and when it comes to enhancing the user experience there is “no such thing as too small or too big”.

One thing is certain; D365BC will be jaw droppingly amazing.

Interested in the benefits that D365BC could bring to your business? Get in touch with us today.

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