Inspire your organisation: Open doors for innovation, growth and variation

13 July, 2018
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Inspire your organisation: Open doors for innovation, growth and variation

Columbus are attending Microsoft’s annual flagship partner event from 15th-19th July, Microsoft Inspire, where partners and team members are brought together to celebrate the tremendous work they put into inspiring others around them.

Mary Hunter, Managing Director at Columbus UK, has been nominated in the Leadership category as a finalist for the IAMCP’s 2018 Women in Technology Awards. This award is presented to a woman who has shown remarkable leadership in the WIT community and within her own organisation. The winner has inspired others around her and continues to be highly regarded as a true leader within the Microsoft WIT ecosystem. We wish Mary the best of luck!

An organisation that provides a positive culture for its employees is one that continues to inspire each individual to be the best version of themselves. When a team achieves this goal, they are more productive and impactful in driving business success. When an individual is motivated, they are able to motivate others around them, bringing inspiration to life is key.

Create an inspiring workplace

Creating an inspiring workplace enables you to form better teams that drive productivity. Fortune and Glassdoor, state that an inspiring workplace is created through culture.

An inspiring company culture is important because workers are more likely to enjoy their time in the workplace when they fit in with the company culture. When employees’ need and values are consistent with those in the workplace, they tend to enjoy work, develop better relationships and become more productive.  

Read on to discover how you can help to make your workplace more inspiring.

Take time to build relationships

Relationships form the foundation of a positive working environment and are also critical when it comes to your customers. By working as a team, you are able to put your trust into your employees, allowing them to work better together and achieve greater results than they would be able to on their own. The sense of trust and collaboration within a team, increases productivity, success and boosts morale amongst employees.

Building strong customer relationships is also crucial for businesses – especially as customer expectations continue to increase - your focus should always be on the customer and building those relationships will help you towards meeting goals.

We are really looking forward to networking with all those attending Microsoft Inspire! During the event, “The Commons” provides a scope of networking opportunities that can help to build new business and expand your network. Will we see you there? Please contact us if you’d like to speak with us at “The Commons”.

Encourage mindfulness

When in the workplace, it is important to be mindful, meaning creating awareness. Every action that an employee takes should be meaningful to them and it should be aligned with both the organisations goals and their personal goals.  When employees are passionate, enjoy what they do and want to learn, amazing things can happen within an organisation.

Employers can do several things to encourage high levels of mindfulness:

  • Creating a space for professional exploration
  • Enabling a better work/life balance
  • Providing mindfulness training and tools

These tools can help to reduce stress, improve memory and create and encourage happier employees.

The WIT mentoring circles continue to be a key theme at Microsoft Inspire. One workshop in particular will look to discover what it means to be an agent of change and the role of being a mentor.

This workshop features a panel of women from around the world who want to share their experiences, thoughts and advice; though provoking exercises and networking with colleagues about the changes and impact that you want to make within your organisation. Are you a woman looking to take the next steps in your technology career? Be sure to connect with our team at Inspire for some great advice!

Reward innovation and creativity

As employees, we all want to be rewarded for our ideas and innovative creations. Creativity within a workplace is crucial to creating business success. All employees benefit from creative ideas that pass through an organisation, it is also important that room is made for risk and sometimes even failure.

Failure isn’t the end for a campaign, solution or idea, it simply allows the team to grow and develop from their mistake and go forward in the right direction. It is important to not be afraid of failure, as those who are not willing to take risk, put themselves in a position to fall behind their competitors.

Microsoft Inspire rewards those for their leadership, creativity and innovation within an organisation.  We are very proud of our Managing Director, Mary Hunter, who has been nominated for a Leadership award!

Enable growth

To pursue a truly inspiring work culture, it is considerably important to focus on the direction in which your employees want to go in the future. Professional and personal development is an opportunity that can sometimes be overlooked by employers.  When an organisation invests in the growth and development of their employees, the retention rate of employees increases and employees will want to achieve more on the job.

Microsoft Inspire this year are running workshops to help you improve your skills in business. For instance, “public speaking excellence: be a rockstar presenter in five steps”, led by Dux Raymond Sy, CMO AvePoint, looks to identify and apply skills of effective public speaking, technical demons, presentation design and keeping your audience focused and engaged. For more sessions like this at Microsoft Inspire, please visit Microsoft Inspire.

Passionate about STEM

Watch Mary Hunter, Managing Director at Columbus UK, discuss all things STEM with Microsoft’s Anders Spatzek

Passionate about STEM: Mary Hunter speaks with Anders Spatzek, Microsoft

Want to know more?

Start inspiring others today! Please contact us if you would like to hear about our experiences.

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