Inside Microsoft Dynamics 365: Business Central Edition

25 April, 2018
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Inside Microsoft Dynamics 365: Business Central Edition

Celebrations and promotions of all new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) continued at the Microsoft Partner days in Twickenham this week, following its official release three weeks ago.


What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

D365BC is an all in one business management solution: finance, sales, service, purchase, SCM, operations management (manufacturing) - everything that an organisation needs to operate efficiently and effectively.

While D365BC is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the difference between the two platforms is that it is purely delivered on the Microsoft Cloud and therefore is Software as a Service (SaaS).

The need for a new SMB solution

Dynamics NAV is a mid-market business management solution that address requirements across finance and operations. NAV’s 31 years of heritage, 198 countries and 2.7 million users are testament to its success and it continues to grow. Alongside the NAV growth and popularity, Microsoft wanted to respond to growing customer demand for cloud solutions.

D365BC is a firm member of the D365 family and part of the evolution to common data service; it integrates with D365 Sales and Office 365 and leverages the intelligent edge of PowerBI to provide businesses with insights from the moment you open the home page.

D365BC is an application and a platform

Business Management Application

Full NAV functionality product that can be purchased.

Business Application Platform

1. Opportunity for partner to build extensions and sell via a marketplace.

2. Opportunity for customers to extend through the pre-built / off the shelf solutions and to develop own requirements.

This combination of application and platform is also part of the NAV heritage. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is and has always been, the most flexible mid-market business solution; attracting users whose needs range from standard to unique processes.

It’s more than NAV…

Following 100+ improvements over the last 12 months, particularly around cloud expectations for wizards as an example and functionality improvements, D365BC is more than NAV.

Working in the cloud

D365BC provides the opportunity for seamless integrations and smarter working. Working on the Azure Cloud often means that you are also working in Office 365; D365BC leverages the integration with Office365. The ability for users to operate entirely via Outlook as the front end for D365BC drives efficiency and user adoption.

Managing developments to ease upgrades and updates

It is the expectation of cloud users to see frequent and painless software updates.

With this in mind, Microsoft were required to change how the software is developed. In Dynamics NAV you had the option to change any code that you needed or wanted to - whether you should is a different matter – however, in D365BC the ability to change standard code is restricted, yet there is still room for extensions and changes should this be required.

Integration to further Microsoft apps

  • Use of Microsoft Flow, which links workflow within D365BC to other applications (even those that aren’t Microsoft solutions).
  • Office 365 Business Apps: Integration to small business apps, for example the invoicing app, which already uses the D365BC engine so it’s an easy transition to grow from your existing invoicing app to D365BC.
  • Accountant Hub gives you the ability to extend access to your accountant without any additional licensing costs. Accountants in the US are already promoting their services and D365BC expertise in AppSource.

Compliance regulations

D365BC provides local functionality to ensure compliance in areas such as GDPR and MTD.

Transitioning to D365BC

Microsoft are extending the migration tools to make it as simple as possible to transition to D365BC.

Looking to the future

Microsoft have made it clear that they are looking to offer more clarity over the SMB platform messaging and naming conventions. Eventually Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will replace Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the mid-market all in one management solution and will be available on premise in addition to the Microsoft Cloud.

Are you confused?

If you’re a current Microsoft Dynamics NAV user, or thinking about implementing NAV, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were confused about D365BC and what it has to offer! If you’d like to learn more about the differences between Dynamics NAV and D365BC, you can download our fact sheet here.

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by attending one of our workshops in June (dates to be confirmed) across Cambridge, Nottingham and Reading. If you’d like to register your interest or find out more about these events, please contact us here.

Keep an eye out on our events page for the event dates to be released.

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