13 August 2018

Looking to the future: Your journey beyond ERP

The brave new world of business application software is rapidly transforming how businesses source and implement all kinds of critical systems. Cloud-based applications offer practical alternatives to the bulky, inflexible and expensive systems that have traditionally dominated the sector. Many

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09 August 2018

Data is at the heart of everything: 3 actions you should be taking now

In a digital world, there are many different types of data companies can pull together to gain a greater understanding of individual customers and better overall business insight.The challenge is understanding the different varieties of data and what they mean for your company.

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06 August 2018

4 ways you can attract and keep your connected customers

We are currently in the age of the connected customer, with customer expectation increasing significantly in recent years. It isn’t about customer satisfaction any longer but rather about creating the most personalised, servitised experience possible.

02 August 2018

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 FAQ you’ve been waiting for: 5 common upgrade questions and answers to get you started

 Looking to upgrade your Microsoft solution to a more unified, flexible, cloud-based solution? We have sourced five of the most commonly asked questions and their answers from the most popular Microsoft forums to help you navigate your upgrade path. 

27 July 2018

Are you using this end-to-end tool to grow your business effectively?

In an age of digital transformation, change has become a routine practice. From self-driving cars and self-checkouts implemented into shops, a dramatic evolution is taking shape across all industries.

19 July 2018

Dare to dream and dream big

As Neemisha Ramchurn said “dare to dream, dare to succeed, dare to fail, dare to learn, dare to grow, dare to be different, dare to be you!” Change happens because we make it happen, when we believe in ourselves great things are possible.

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18 July 2018

Microsoft mainstream support: 4 steps to take before your support ends in 2018

The 9th October 2018 is etched in the minds of many and, if not already, is a date that all AX2009, AX2012 and AX2012 R2 customers should be thinking about. Are you wondering why? Columbus Enterprise Account Manager, Glen Bignall explores...

This is the date that mainstream support from

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13 July 2018

Inspire your organisation: Open doors for innovation, growth and variation

Columbus are attending Microsoft’s annual flagship partner event from 15th-19th July, Microsoft Inspire, where partners and team members are brought together to celebrate the tremendous work they put into inspiring others around them.

Mary Hunter, Managing Director at Columbus UK, has been

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05 July 2018

Success breeds success: Recognition that eCommerce drives growth for retailers

At Columbus, we’re so happy to see customers recognised for their hard-earned success. That’s why we want to shout about the recent news of one of our eCommerce customers being honoured in the U.S. just as we were handing out our own customer awards at the ColumbusLive annual UK conference.


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27 June 2018

Advancing security with intelligence: From the edge to the cloud

In a world where technology is connecting almost everything, whether it’s the electrical grid, phone systems, cars or the appliances that heat our home and cool our food.

26 June 2018

Accelerate your digital transformation: 4 key trends to adopt for success

Digital transformation is a complex process that changes how businesses work and go to market with their products, creating long-term opportunities for partners equipped to take customers on this on-going digital journey.

21 June 2018

ColumbusLive 2018: Your digitalisation game changer

The ColumbusLive 2018 conference provided an engaging programme that focused on the rapidly changing digital landscape. Columbus customers were given the chance to learn what’s coming next, where the opportunities will be and how disruption is key to staying on top of their digital game.


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